Film Followers – yeah, I’m Thinking I’m Back!

Hey out there, yeah you the person reading this. So 2020 has been a thing huh? When the movie world kind of shut down, so did I when it came to watching new movies. I’ll be honest I haven’t been a huge streaming movie person when it comes to new movies. A lot of time, I would say 90% of the time, the movies I have seen on a Netflix have been, well just trash. Not the so bad it’s good trash, but like the smelly kind in your place that you have to quickly toss that out or the stench just sticks in the room for days kind of trash.

That’s all to say, I was not looking forward to the idea of having to go to places like that for new movies, and new movies weren’t really coming out. Well it’s almost been three quarters of the year and some movies did trickle out. Enough of them, that I’m going to start posting some reviews on the ones I have seen. And if HBO Max really sticks to their guns and releases their movies on streaming same day as theaters? I’ll for sure watch them all. Well maybe not all of them, Tom and Jerry I’m looking at you. That’s all to say, I want to get back to seeing movies again, I have watched a couple of movies in the past weeks and it felt good to get back into that rhythm.

That said, I wanted to come back with some changes and some criteria. There are way too many damn movies on streaming platforms. Like far too many. I’m not watching them all, and a lot, like I said, are just Netflix-gotta-have-more-things-for-you-to-watch bad. Which nope, naw, no thanks. I’ll be a tad pickier and not watch twenty Anthony Mackie movies he made for Netflix in three weeks. (No offense Anthony Mackie, you do make some good stuff!)

On to the changes though, I’m done with ratings. Score’s are silly. What I think of some movie, score wise, could mean widely different things to you. So instead of scores BEHOLD! My score replacement!

  • Watch This NOW!
  • Maybe Watch It?
  • Probably Not Worth Your Time

Also my thoughts on a movie I may have scored at one point coughRiseOfSkywalkercough might have changed. Sometimes you get caught up in the moment, and think a bunch of flaws are gold when they are actually that fools gold that rubs off when you touch it. Which by the way I might go back and do some refreshed thoughts on some movies I wrote about in the past.

Remember when you looked good?

Anyways this was a long post to say, Film Followers has returned! but… not like Palpatine, like Aragorn. That was a pretty epic return.

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