Good Boys Review

Good Boys perfectly mixes raunchy humor with the sweet innocence of childhood to give us one of the best comedies of the year.

Score 4.5/5

The 2019 comedy movie gods must be smiling on us. Not only did we get the amazing Booksmart (go back in time and watch this movie now, and then watch it today too) but here we are with Good Boys. This is is this decades Superbad, if the three leads were sixth graders instead of high school seniors. The question I had going into this movie, can that work without seeming too over the top?

The answer is yes, without a doubt. In fact it’s because of the younger leads that to me, this is a better movie than Superbad could ever be. The three lead young actors (Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon) nailed this movie, and I couldn’t get enough of seeing what crazy situation they found themselves in next. Good Boys follows Max, Lucas, and Thor as the trio navigate obstacle after obstacle to be ready for the party that will change their tween lives. If you have heard this type of get to the party that will change your life narrative before, well yeah this movie does the same thing. It’s a formula that’s been well established and this movie doesn’t deviate from this. It’s funny that I can compare these to romantic comedies in that the beats are pretty much the same from each movie to movie.

It comes down to the journey though not the destination right? And what this movie has that most of these party mecca movies don’t is this strange alchemy of raunchiness, and innocence. These kids are well kids. They don’t know much about sex and this movie leans into that in all the right ways. The jokes poke fun at that from every direction and it never gets old. In the same breath of jokes about sex dolls, and drugs, Good Boys also uses the kids angles to deliver moments that are really heartfelt or hilariously cute. Because these kids aren’t super monsters from high school hell yet. They are just still somewhat civil to each other. When the big bully moments are just name calling and cut to the core mental abuse, it keeps the movie light.

Along the adventure of learning how to kiss and getting to the cool kid party, the Bean Bag Boys (as they like to be called) learn a lot about growing up and growing apart. That’s right, this movie has depth, and it makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

I could gush about this movie all day, needless to say it’s a damn blast for anyone who can enjoy some raunchy humor and likes quality comedy. So do yourself a favor, and watch this movie (oh and again go watch Booksmart).

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