Cocaine Bear Review

“Bears can’t climb trees. Of course they can!” Will never not be a hilrarious exchange.

Score: 4/5

Let’s not dance around this, the idea of a movie where a wild bear eats cocaine and goes on a rampage in a forest preserve is silly. Well, everyone in the production of this movie got the assignment because Cocaine Bear is easily the most fun I have had in a theater for several months. The writer, Jimmy Warden, wrote a hilarious script that’s jokes landed a good nine out of ten times for me. The cast also nails it playing into the humor and horror of the bonkers situation. There were so many great pairings of odd characters, I could spend way too long listing out every name of the cast because everyone is having a ball in their roles. Everyone I do have to give a special shout-out to Christian Convery who plays Henry. That kid is hilarious in every single scene. He’s the sidekick you’d want in a movie with a drugged-up bear.

Speaking of the bear, yes, the CGI of the bear itself is a little wonky, but it doesn’t matter when everything else is firing at all cylinders. Director Elizabeth Banks knocked this one out of the park, capturing the funny moments, the absolutely horrifying ones, and keeping this cheesy over the top 80’s flavor throughout. Now an important note for those watching this movie, it’s gory as hell. In a more standard horror fare, it would probably be too much for even me at points. It’s flat-out gross at moments, yet somehow, I couldn’t stop laughing at just how dumb fun the situation was. If that isn’t an issue, I can’t imagine someone going into this movie understanding the goofy premise that isn’t going to have a fun time.

I could gush about this movie for a while, so many moments stood out that I could come back to do and revel in, but I really don’t want to ruin the surprises in store for those who go off to see it. So yeah, I really liked Cocaine Bear, it put a smile on my face that didn’t go away for the 90ish minutes runtime. If you are of age, go check out Cocaine Bear, it’ll be worth your time, I promise.

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