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Oscars Watch 2023: Triangle of Sadness

The Triangle of Sadness is a brilliant confident White Lotus of a movie.

Score: 4.5/5

The Triangle of Sadness is a fun dark movie. It’s structured in three acts, goes to all sorts of wacky places, and touches on several big subjects. The film starts by following two influencer models who have very different ideas on relationship dynamics. This focus on just this pair shifts as they get on a cruise ship where the discussions of capitalism and socialism begin. It’s on the ship where the story goes off in wild directions that will either leave you laughing or sick to your stomach. By the third act, these conversations about society and gender roles get challenged by a life-and-death scenario for the guests and staff from the cruise.

This movie goes places, all kinds of places, both location-wise and what it explores in each act. It kept me on my toes, and for the duration, I had a feeling of watching something fresh. This isn’t your typical movie, and it really does feel like a movie version of the HBO series The White Lotus. It explores relationships and is structured in a way that gives a snapshot of a vacation gone horribly wrong. Unlike that show, this movie does not leave most of the cast going home more or less the same as they were. It takes no prisoners and leaves no one unscathed.

This movie is absurd, and for the first two-thirds, it can feel like there is no point in anything going on. By act three though everything falls into place, and while it gets a tad predictable, I was very much invested in seeing who would make it out of this situation if anyone at all. The Triangle of Sadness was so much fun to watch. It had an air of confidence in how it was structured and how far it would take each off-the-wall predicament. This is easily one of my favorites of the best picture winners and well worth any fan of film’s time.

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